mineral wells regional airport

Call Us: (940) 328-7808

Elevation: 974 ft. / 297 meters (estimated)
CTAF/UNICOM: 122.725
WX ASOS: 135.075 (940-325-2457)

The airport has a total of 75 hangars on the property. The hangars fall into diffenent categories of lease;

  • Five 10-unit T-hangars that are totally enclosed.
  • One 10-unit T-hangar that is partially enclosed.
  • 15 box hangars.

Pricing for the T-Hangars can be found here.

Typical hangars are pictured below. Please contact the airport manager for information about availability and lease rates. If no hangars are available when you call, the manager will be glad to add your contact information to our waiting list and give you an estimate of availability. Feel free to download and fill out the  Mineral Wells Airport Waiting List Policy and Application, please email it to .