mineral wells regional airport

Call Us: (940) 328-7808

Elevation: 974 ft. / 297 meters (estimated)
CTAF/UNICOM: 122.725
WX ASOS: 135.075 (940-325-2457)

 The airport terminal building contains a large waiting room with comfortable seating, a pilot's lounge is available with a PC for flight planning, free coffee and bottled water, as well as a TV and free WiFi. There are two confererence rooms that can be configured to meet the users needs, such as for classes, meetings or as a temporary workspace.  The National Vietnam War Museum has created a small gift shop in the terminal offering a few of the many items available at their main location.

Stop by and see the newly remodeled and decorated Terminal at KMWL!

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Airport Mural Courtesy Autry Friend 2023 

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