mineral wells regional airport

Call Us: (940) 328-7808

Elevation: 974 ft. / 297 meters (estimated)
CTAF/UNICOM: 122.725
WX ASOS: 135.075 (940-325-2457)

The airport terminal building contains a large waiting room with confortable seating for 30 people. A pilot's lounge is available with a PC for flight planning, two recliners, a large sofa, three tables with two chairs each,  free coffee, snack and cola machines and a TV. There is a confererence room  with seating for 14 with a 50 inch HDTV for use with a laptop for presentations and videos. A new meeting room is available for rent that can be configured for classes, meetings or as a temporary office.  There is a small gift shop in the terminal offering a few of the many items available at the The National Vietnam War Museum located just east of the city on Hwy 180.

Parking for fifteen vehicles is available in front of the Terminal Building.

Terminal Building Exterior Terminal Building Interior