mineral wells regional airport

Call Us: (940) 328-7808

Elevation: 974 ft. / 297 meters (estimated)
CTAF/UNICOM: 122.725
WX ASOS: 135.075 (940-325-2457)

Located in the southeastern part of Mineral Wells, Texas, the airport was built by the U. S. Army and opened in 1943 to support the nearby infantry training facility, Camp Wolters. Camp Wolters grew to become an important infantry replacement training center, housing more than 24,000 soldiers at its peak. The camp was closed after the war ended.

In early 1951, the U. S. Air Force reopened the camp and renamed it Wolters Air Force Base. The base was used to train special army and air force personnel and the airport provided support.

In September of 1956, the U. S. Army regained control of the base and gave it a new name, the Primary Helicopter Center. It was primarily used to train helicopter pilots.

In June 1963, the base was again renamed, this time to be called Fort Wolters. At that time, all army helicopter pilots' basic and primary flight training was provided there. The Vietnam War expanded its role to include the training of Marine Corps and Air Force pilots.

The airport served in a support role through all of the changes, adding the Downing Hangar, two other buildings, and over 54 acres of tarmac in 1966 to expand helicopter pilot training during the Vietnam War.

There are more than 50 T-hangars and 10 box hangars on the airport, and more are planned each year to support the rapid westward growth of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.